We really do change lives! Book a Saladmaster™ Cooking Demo in your home and experience the taste and learn the benefits of cooking in 316 TI stainless steel. We promote healthy cooking.

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We change lives by providing high quality HEPA air purifiers for homes and businesses. As an Authorized Dealer for Austin Air™, we offer online order capabilities through our website.

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Experience Voxx HPT™ (Human Performance Technology). Enjoy increased balance, stability and athletic performance. VOXXLIFE™ incorporates the latest technology in Neuromuscular Science. Order products through our website.

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Our Story

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Life was born out of our passion for quality products that help improve health and wellness. We care about people, and our mission is to provide state-of-the-art technology and products that help individuals and families to live better lives.

It all began with Saladmaster™. I was invited to host a Saladmaster™ cooking show in my home, not fully aware of what to expect. During the cooking show, the Saladmaster™ Consultant shared a presentation about the history of the company which began in 1946 with the Saladmaster™ machine. She spoke about the quality and technology of the cookware, the benefits of 316 Ti stainless steel over all other cooking surfaces, and how Saladmaster™ saves time, money, energy and nutrition. A full course meal was cooked in 45 minutes; all stove-top in Saladmaster™ including a cake; all with no oil or water. It was amazing! I personally invested in a set of Saladmaster™ and while using the cookware every day , I got so enthused about the product that I wanted to share it with others. I became a Consultant and am currently a Distributor. I love sharing Saladmaster™ with others, providing cooking  shows for families, and sharing the business opportunity with others.

I was at a trade show exhibiting Saladmaster™ products and met the Corporate Marketing Manager for Austin Air™. There was a drawing for a Austin Air™ purifier and I won it! ( I rarely win anything!) I got the air purifier home and just could not believe the difference it made. Overnight, the improvement in air quality was astounding (I have pets) and I slept so soundly from the ‘white sound’ emitted from the machine. I personally have four air purifiers in my home that keep ‘air clean’ 24/7. As a natural development, I became an Austin Air™ Dealer and proudly offer all products online.

Fast forward to early 2017. I was visiting a friend in Ontario who asked me if I wanted to get “Voxxed”. “ Get what?” I asked. Well I took the simple VOXXLife™ balance and stability test and like every person that takes it, I failed! Then I stepped onto a VOXXLife™ insole and took the test again and OMG … I passed! I was more stable on my feet and no way could anyone push me off balance. This technology is proven – Golfers, Professional Tennis Players, NHL players and the US Navy Seals have tested and wear VOXXLife™ socks and Insoles because studies show they improve athletic performance. I wear VOXXLife™ socks exclusively now and place VOXX liners in my regular socks so that I can enjoy the benefits of HPT Technology 24/7 (including during sleep). The technology also aids in brain function – who would turn that down?

I was introduced to InLight Medical™ through a friend. As a user of the lights to help with sciatica, I find LED light theraphy beneficial. There are so many people I know with issues that I can help by introducing the lights to them, so I became an Associate for InLight. I am especially enthused about InLight’s special program they have for Veterans with PTSD and other physical challenges and hope to help as many Vets as possible to “light up” for pain and circulation issues.

The most important message I would like to share is this. These products found ME and now I’m sharing them with YOU. I hope you’ll take a look at each product and study the benefits. They could change your life too! And you may wish to pay it forward and share what you learn and experience with others you care about too!

Health and Happiness!

Liz Kovacs, Owner
Healthy Kitchen Healthy Life