Saladmaster ™ 316 Ti products provide a healthy cooking solution which maximizes nutrition; and saves time, money and energy. It is a high quality product manufactured in the USA since 1946, using American and globally sourced materials. Saladmaster™ is a direct sales company utilizing  a global network of Dealers and Distributors in over 50 countries.

We provide Complimentary Cooking Shows either Virtually via Zoom, or live in your home.
We demonstrate the Saladmaster™ machine and Saladmaster™ cookware while providing a full complimentary meal and educational presentation. One can taste first-hand the non-reactive, full flavor of food cooked in Saladmaster™ 316 Ti stainless steel. Attendees learn about the benefits of Saladmaster™ before committing to invest in a set. Once an owner, you may host future cooking shows and invite your friends, and earn beautiful Saladmaster™ gifts to add to your collection.

We are currently looking to expand our team of Cooking Coaches. Learn more about our Success Program during the presentation and how you can earn commissions, more gifts and a free set of cookware.

6 ENEMIES OF NUTRITION & FLAVOR... and what cookware has to do with it. All of these rob your foods of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and flavor


· Peeling

· Cooking in Water

· Excessive Heat (boiling, steam, microwave)

· Oxidation

· Fats and Oils

· Light

Saladmaster ™ is a waterless and oil free cooking system, utilizing an advanced semi-vacuum technology which maximizes nutrition and flavor, while saving time and energy.


Virtual Presentation Option (via Zoom)
Live In Home Cooking Show

Your Consultant will bring all the food,  a Saladmaster™ Professional Set and Saladmaster™ Machine and prepare a full coarse Complimentary Meal consisting of a main coarse, a starch, a salad and a cake baked stove-top. Live Cooking Shows take approximately 2 hours

After your initial introduction to Saladmaster™,  you may host additional dinners and earn beautiful gifts. Your Cooking Coach will explain our generous hosting program during the presentation.


All Presentation are Complimentary and there is no obligation to invest. 

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