Healthy Kitchen Healthy Life was born out of our passion for quality products that help improve health and wellness. We care about people, and our mission is to provide state-of-the-art technology and products that help individuals and families to live better lives.

The Saladmaster™ story began in 1946 when an entrepreneur by the name of Harry Lemmons created the Saladmaster™ Food Processor in his garage. Harry showcased the Saladmaster™ Food Processor at gas stations by demonstrating first-hand how the machine worked with ease and efficiency, placing the machine on the hood of his car, grating vegetables. This form of “show and tell” worked!

Harry sold product from the trunk of his car and Saladmaster™ has been a direct sales company ever since! The company quickly grew into a line of stainless-steel cookware and the name Saladmaster™ was adopted for the cookware line. Today, Saladmaster™ is the flag ship product of the Regal Cookware Company headquartered in Texas and manufactured in Wisconsin. Proudly manufactured in the USA, Saladmaster™ cookware is made of the highest quality 316 Ti stainless steel, which includes semi-vacuum technology and allows for cooking vegetables with no water and frying with no oil. It also includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty. To view ™ products and set collections, go to www.saladmaster.com.

As a direct sales company, Saladmaster™ can only be purchased through its network of Dealers and Distributors throughout the world and is currently sold in over 50 countries. The Saladmaster™ mission is to inspire people to eat better, live better and achieve the life they desire. Family, excellence, integrity, passion and empowerment are the company’s core values and these values are carried throughout its network of Dealers, Distributors, Consultants and Cooking Coaches.

As a Corporate Distributor for Saladmaster™ in the Western New York Region, our team at Healthy Kitchen Healthy Life is dedicated to sharing Saladmaster™ with folks one family at a time. Experience the benefits of Saladmaster™, its quality craftsmanship, technology and health benefits by enjoying a Complimentary Culinary Presentation. We offer two options; either a Virtual On-Line Presentation or a Live In-Home Cooking Show, conducted by one of our Cooking Coaches.


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