Your Complimentary Saladmaster™
In-Home Cooking Presentation
What to Expect & How to Plan


1. Book your event online at or by contacting us at 716.282.2098 or [email protected]. In-Home Cooking Shows take approximate 2.5 hours from the time your Consultant arrives, sets up, conducts the show and presentation, cooks, serves the food, cleans up, packs up and departs. We do all the work! Just sit back, relax and have fun! One’s first In-Home show is for one family or couple. Once you have experienced a cooking presentation, you are invited to Host additional shows inviting up to three (3) couples to earn fabulous FREE Saladmaster Hosting Gifts. A shipping and handling fee is assessed on all hosting gifts. The program is explained during your show and you will receive a HOSTING GIFT flyer which details the gift options and parameters of our hosting program. Please start now to make your list of referrals so that you are prepared on your show to share them with your Consultant/Cooking Coach. Your Consultant/Cooking Coach will bring all the food and supplies for the show. He/she will also bring a Professional Set of Saladmaster to use for cooking and demonstration. For larger groups, your Consultant may bring an Associate to assist.

2. Typical Menu Consists of the following (subject to modification upon request) : Veggie Lasagna (Vegan/Vegetarian Option - Cooked stovetop in the 12” electric skillet) Fried Crispy Chicken Thighs (No oil cooked in the 12” Electric Skillet) Medley of 5 Vegetables (No water cooked in the 11” skillet) Golden Yukon Potatoes (Cooked in the 3 Qt. roaster with steamer basket) Saladmaster Veggie Salad (using Saladmaster Food Processor and Chiller Bowl; green cabbage, red cabbage, radish, carrots, celery, apple, zucchini) Cake Cooked Stovetop (No oil or water cooked in the 9” skillet with cover; choose your cake!) Please share any dietary restrictions at the time of booking your event so that the menu can be modified to fit your needs.

3. A follow-up email will be sent to you to confirm the firm date and time of your event. A check-list will be provided also indicating how to prepare for the event.

4. You will receive a reminder call the day before your cooking show to ensure you are ready for the event. We ask that you not cancel the event as our Consultants have reserved time on their schedule for you, and they will lose compensation if events are cancelled. Your Consultant will call to confirm date/time and review what is required; clean and cleared counter space, stove top, clean and cleared sink. Consultant brings all food and cookware.

Host prepares a buffet with dishes, flat ware and non-alcoholic beverage (water, iced tea, lemonade recommended). Alcohol is not permitted and the reason is that we need everyone to taste the food in its purest state. No oil, water or spices are used. This way you get the full benefit of the demo and tasting. Saladmaster is an investment that really does Change Lives, so we encourage you to help us cook for more people by referring your family and friends. As a thank you, you can earn beautiful Saladmaster items through our Hosting Program.

Consultant brings all the food and supplies. Please if you are a vegetarian or vegan, or if you have dietary restrictions (diabetic for instance), we will tailor the menu for you.

Your Consultant will leave your kitchen clean and in the order in which it which it was at the start.

5. On the day of your event, sit back, relax and let’s have fun! There will be silly Saladmaster jokes so get ready for some laughs! Please ensure that there is comfortable seating for all guests around the kitchen counter.

6. After the event, a follow-up call will be scheduled to answer any questions you may have and to confirm your referrals and/or next cooking show date with three (3) couples to earn your Saladmaster Food Processor or other promotional gifts of appreciation. There is a Shipping and Handling Fee assessed on all gifts. Referrals keep us in business so we appreciate you paying it forward and sharing the Saladmaster opportunity with your family and friends.